Pied Butcherbird

larger black and white butcherbirds

Dimpy Trancing on the Roof

The birds love having a few short naps during the day.  We call them 'trancing' because they look like they have gone into a trance.  In this slideshow we catch Dimpy the pied-butcherbird go off into a trance with Renuthri his Noisy-miner friend and other noisy-miner cousins keeping watch around him.

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Splish! Splash! Kerry's in the Bath

Baby Kerry like all his siblings before him loved having a bath from the first time he visited us.  On the day of these slides, he was preening himself after a first dip by the time we got out with the camera. He looked so cute and fluffy as he preened himself that we couldn't resist taking a few shots and then much to our delight he obliged us by taking a second dip.  Little Chipkin too enjoyed the fun watching from below.

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Sneaky Karitu - But Karivon Wins the Day

The magpies, currawongs, butcherbirds, noisy-miners - they are all friends and interact daily in many ways. They play with each other, negotiate with each other, tease each other and help each other.  This slideshow tells a really cute story that we have seen played out in many variations.

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