Hawks At A Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors - Book Review



I had the opportunity to read Jerry Liguori's latest book - 'Hawks At A Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors' and I do think that it is a brilliant book and a must have for raptor lovers in North America,

Identifying birds in flight is always a challenge, especially birds like the raptors that fly at great heights. Migratory hawks are even more difficult to identify as the average enthusiast rarely gets the opportunity to study them closely for a long enough to learn their characteristics.

Liguori's latest book is a breakthrough in this regard. For each species Liguori presents many pictures showing them at different angles of flight. The text although concise focusses on describing the subtle variations necessary to help identify the species, sex and even the age group of the birds soaring miles above. There is also a complete section at the end that covers the silhouettes formed by the different species of raptors from a variety of angles and at different heights.

This book is an incredible resource for birders who are keen about migratory hawks as well the generalist birdwatcher who donned with a pair of binoculars spots a hawk in flight. Even occasional casual birders will enjoy hawk spotting with their families with the aid of this book which is destined to become a classic for many years to come.




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